I’m Julie Ovenell and I suspect I caught the travel bug as an infant when I came to Canada from England in the luggage rack of a Trans-Canada Air Lines DC-8. At age seven, I published my first travel article in an orange Hilroy notebook: a hand-written account of my family’s cross-Canada road trip, illustrated with carefully selected postcards.

Julie Ovenell-Carter

Julie Ovenell-Carter

Today, I still travel with a pen. I’m a long-standing member of the Society of American Travel Writers and the Travel Media Association of Canada, and my articles and photographs have appeared internationally.

I’m an islander by address though not necessarily by nature. My home port for the past 20 years has been Snug Cove on  Bowen IslandBC, and while it really is a tiny piece of paradise so close to the city of Vancouver, I find I appreciate its quirky charms all the more after a good ramble in the wider world.

I blog and tweet (http://www.twitter.com/theseboots) about travel in Canada–the kinds of things I might tell my friends around the water-cooler at work. And while my wanderings are sometimes sponsored by tourism boards, my opinions can’t be bought. If I write it here, I’m telling it to you fair and square. I generally favour the positive–in life and in travel reviews–but I will squawk when necessary for the good of my fellow travellers…

Thanks for visiting, and please feel free to leave a comment or to get in touch on any travel-related subject: thesebootstravel@gmail.com  And if you like what you read here, why not sign up for an RSS feed? (Look in that sidebar to the right, under Subscribe…)

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  1. Sharon Sluggett Says:

    Hi Julie, was ever so delighted to hear you on CBC Almanac today as I tried to do some Spring cleaning on the first day of Spring! Your knowledge and resource of information regarding home exchanges was helpful and reassuring to the “want to be.” Home exchange is something we have considered for about 5 years, wanting to exchange to Ireland, the birth of my mother.It seems a good avenue to accommodate the need for affordability without having to stay in those youth hostels that we did in the 70’s on our backpacking trip. It just doesn’t seem so appealing , you know the community kitchen and all that comes with that! So thanks for the great info and removing the fears of exchanging. I hope to travel soon again. Thanks Sharon Sluggett

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